Platnik. Fear of Electrons EP. Out now at no cost.

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Platnik at the Betsey Trotwood, Farrington

About Platnik

Platnik are an digital pop-noir duo based in Hong Kong and southeast London. They invoke cutting edge technology and ancient lyrical forms to create music that spans from primitive chant to post-rave culture, working with zero resources to produce works of cosmic dimensions.

Their songwriting assimilates influences from post-rock drone and new wave to UK rave and hardcore.

Mimi Leung is a fine artist and musician, working globally and currently located in Hong Kong.

Daniel Jones is a child of the digital age, rooted in open-source methodologies and cultures. He performs improvised electronic sets as Ad Hoc, using self-built systems to create chaotic sound collages relevant both to club dancefloors and avant-garde practices.

Image © Josh Pollen